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Halloween Costume Ideas for Babies

Halloween Costume Ideas for Babies

One of the most exciting parts of baby’s first year is all of the first holidays!
And while it might seem like Halloween is forever away, it could be time for
you to start thinking about the very FIRST Halloween costume!
Whether your preferences range from simple to silly, fabulous to family
oriented, there are so many wonderful ideas for this momentous occasion!
While your child will have so many chances to dress up for Halloween,
there are very few chances for YOU to dress them up in what YOU have
envisioned for them. That’s one of the things that makes this first costume
so much fun!
Here are a few suggestions to get your ideas percolating:
Playin’ It Simple
Perhaps your baby still has that “new baby smell” or maybe “festive” isn’t
really your thing. Either way, playing it simple can still be a lot of fun. There
are so many great ideas out there for onesies with sweet sayings on them
to dress your little babe in. Some examples are:
- “Hey Ghoul Hey!”
- “My First Boo”
- “So Cute It’s Scary”
- “Pretty Little Pumpkin”
If you want to dress up the simple a little bit, add a tutu and a cute
headband! It will pull everything together without feeling like you’ve gone
Goin’ Silly
One of the best parts about it being your child’s first Halloween is that they
can’t tell you your awesome idea is stupid. This is key if you plan to go the
silly route for their first costume.
If you are feeling silly, but not that silly, you might consider dressing your
child up as a cute pumpkin or perhaps a spider or bat. These can easily be
achieved DIY style but can also be done with a tutu if you want the look to
be a bit more polished.
On the other hand, if you really want to go all out, there are lots of
interesting options out there! For example:
- Food (think tacos, sushi, ketchup packet, spaghetti and meatballs)
- Animal (lion, pig, goldfish, lobster)
- Book Related (Harry Potter, Where’s Waldo)
Some of these might sound totally off the wall, but they have all been done
Feelin’ Fabulous
On the other hand, because it’s your baby’s first Halloween, maybe you
want to go all out! After all, they won’t let you dress them up for Halloween
for very long!
This occasion could call for a fabulous full tutu, or a vintage inspired lace
dress. Can’t you just see your little girl in a beautiful princess outfit? How
about a figure from the Roaring 20’s? Perhaps you want to see a little
ballerina or a fabulous ghost! One thing is for sure, if this category sounds
like you, the idea is “Go big, or go home!”
Family Theme
You only have so much time to match your children before they realize it’s
not cool, so why not all match on Halloween when you are guaranteed to
get photographic evidence!?!?
Here are some examples:
- Disney Prince and Princess (can you just imagine your daughter in
a beautiful tutu with her Daddy dressed up as a prince? Instant
- Ghost Busters and Stay Puft Marshmallow Man
- Two Farmers and a Pig (Or sheep, or cow)
- Hot Dog Vendors (With your baby as a hot dog…!!! This also works
with popcorn and is great for little little babies.)
- Life Guard, Surfer, and Shark (Where your child is the shark)
Honestly, the list could go on and on. There are so many ideas out there,
and you might have come up with something else wonderful all on your
This is the stuff memories are made of and Ruffles and Tutu’s wants you to
know that we are here for you! We can make custom outfits for you to help
make your Halloween dreams come true. We specialize in tutu’s, dresses,
rompers, onesies, and headbands. Peruse our site to help give you some
ideas and show you how easy your child’s first Halloween can be!
Audra Harris is a freelance writer and a teacher turned stay at
home mom. You can read about all of her misadventures and
parenting ideas on her own blog:

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