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Fun Valentine’s Day Activities for You and Your Little

Fun Valentine’s Day Activities for You and Your Little

Valentine’s Day can be such a fun time of year. This is a celebration filled with bright colors and lots of delicious candies; there are flowers and sparkly sparkles to be enjoyed by all. There can also be a lot of fun things to do with babies and toddlers this time of year. Here are a few of our favorite ideas:
** Make Valentine’s For Family Members ** One of the sweetest traditions on Valentine’s Day is to hand out cards with sweet sayings to those you love. Your toddler probably can’t write love notes yet, but they certainly can decorate with crayons or markers. Stickers are a lot of fun too! Write that sweet sentiment for the one your toddler loves, and let them get decorating!
** Make Heart Themed Keepsakes ** If cards are not your favorite gift to give, or if you just want to have something to remember how little your little was on this day in five, ten, or twenty years to come, maybe what you need is some Keepsake Art! There are so many great ideas out there, a lot of them involving paint. You have been warned, but, honestly, these crafts can be super cute! A quick search on Pinterest can yield bountiful results that a sure to inspire you!
** Make Treats Together ** This is a time honored tradition in families for any and all holidays. Even young toddlers can help observe and taste test treats. While cookies are fairly typical treats to make, they can be easy and fun. At Valentine’s Day, you can even go out on a limb and try something new! Perhaps cake pops (very toddler friendly!) or even making your own candy! It can be daunting to try something new, but it’s bound to be exciting as well! Sweets not your thing? You can try making your own fruit roll ups or even making sandwiches and using heart shape cookie cutters to make them a little more festive. Don’t forget about heart shaped pancakes as well!
** Photoshoot!! ** Probably one of our favorite things to do with kiddos is a photoshoot! Can you imagine how cute your little would be in a Valentine’s Photoshoot? Especially all dolled up in something from Ruffles and Tutus! This holiday completely lends itself to a sweet tutu and some pearls, or a ruffle dress and some of your high heals! Share your best shots with us in the comments section!
Audra Harris is a freelance writer and a teacher turned stay at home mom. You can read about
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