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DIY Easter Tutu

DIY Easter Tutu

There is just something about Spring time that screams “Tutu”!! They’re fun and frilly, they’re pretty and perfect for all of those family pictures you’ll be taking at Easter! Tutu’s can actually be really easy to make; no-sew ribbon tutu’s are even easier!

Here’s a great tutorial on how to make this fun fashion piece for your little this Easter season:

Step One: Decide on the Size of Tutu
Not only do ribbon tutu’s look great, but they can easily be made for any size. This chart takes out the guess work for you and includes enough measurements for you to make tutu’s for all of your littles this year. Want to make one for yourself? Simple; measure you waist. :) 
With all ribbon tutu’s, be sure to add 18’’ to 24’’ to the end of the ribbon so that you have enough room to tie a bow.

Step Two: Gather Materials Here is a list of the specific materials you will need for this project:

- Tulle
- Ribbon
- Scissors
And that’s it!

Perhaps you already happen to have some tulle laying around (you little DIYer, you!), but on the off chance that you don’t, it’s time to head to the craft store! (Helpful hint, you can “Google” a 40% off coupon for Hobby Lobby to use at the register. Michael’s also has a 40% off coupon if you put their app on your Smart phone). Maybe you already have your colors picked out (Do you want one solid color? Perhaps you want all of the traditional pastel Easter colors! The choice is up to you! You’ll also need to purchase some ribbon while you are at the store. Make sure it matches the colors(s) you picked out for the tulle. Satin ribbon is beautiful (it looks great with really fancy tutus!), but can come untied fairly easy if not tide tightly. Ribbed ribbon is a great choice, and will keep it’s hold longer. This is a great choice if you’re looking for a more whimsical style tutu.

Tutu Waist Size
6 - 9 Months 18”-19”
12 - 18 Months 18.5” - 19.5”
2T 19” - 20”
3T 19.5” - 20.5”
4T 20” - 21”

A good pair of scissors is also necessary. If they’re jagged or dull, it could ruin the tulle and the ribbon, and make you tutu look raggedy.

Step Three: Prepare Materials
The time has come for you to decide what shape you would like this tutu to take. Is it long? Short? Perhaps it’s got multiple layers of varying lengths. All of these options can turn out very nicely and look great! Before you begin cutting your tulle, keep in mind that you’re not sure yet how much you’ll need. Don’t cut all of the tulle at once, rather, cut a few pieces at a time. When cutting your tulle, keep in mind that you need to cut each piece DOUBLE THE LENGTH of what you want for the overall length of the tutu. You will be tying each piece of tulle in half, so this step is very important.
To create a longer tutu for your toddler, 14” (but really, 28”, see what I did there?) pieces are a good length, 11” (or 22”) for medium tutu’s, and 9” (18”) for shorter cut tutu’s. Mix all three of these lengths if you are going for a more layered effect. If you are unsure of what length you want to go with, use a measuring tape to help you decide, measuring from where you plan on tying the tutu around your little, down. Remember to double
this number! Also do this if you’re not 100% sold on the lengths listed above. When cutting the ribbon, remember to use the chart above, adding 18” to 24” to the final length, making room for tying the ribbon into a bow.

Step Four: Create
Alrighty, you have prepared your materials, you are psyched and ready to go! It’s.Time.To.Make.A.Tutu. Are you ready for this? It’s so easy.
Starting in the middle of the length of ribbon, and working your way out, begin by folding your tulle in half. Place the fold in the tool against the ribbon, several inches up. You will then pull the remaining length of ribbon through that loop in the tulle, securing the ribbon. Continue to loop
more tulle on both sides of this first piece, leaving a good amount of length at each end of the ribbon. If you want a more full tutu, bunch the tulle knots together until you reach the desired affect. If you’re looking for a really full tutu, you may need to get extra tulle.

Step Five: Enjoy!
You have not created this beautiful work of art, sure to gain much praise from all who bare witness to it. Congratulations! Be sure to take lots of pictures, and share some with us in the comments below! While it’s not always practical to wear a tutu everyday, your little one now has this wonderful piece to wear at home, whether as dress up or just because. And who knows? You might have made such and outstanding tutu, that you want new family portraits taken! Who are we to judge? It sounds like a god idea to us!

If you’re DIY tutu didn’t turn out quite as lovely as you envisioned it would, never fear! We here at Ruffles and Tutus kind of have a knack in this area. Peruse our site through all of our wonderful pieces and find something that works for you! If you want to tell people that you actually made the tutu yourself, we’re okay with that. If you want to tell them you ordered it from
Ruffles and Tutus, we’re okay with that too! ;)

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