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Brand Repping on Instagram

Brand Repping on Instagram

Seeing the title, you might think, “What is brand repping?” Repping stands for “Representing” so when you are Brand Repping on Instgram, you are representing the brand of a shop on Instagram through some form of modeling of product. In the case of Ruffles and Tutu’s, you would be offering up your little one as a model for our delightful products sold in our shop. In return, brand reppers are given either discounted or free merchandise; but don’t let that fool you.

Brand Repping is not about getting free stuff from shops you love. While that is a perk, what you are really doing is helping a grassroots business grow. These shops are owned by phenomenal people who had a wonderful idea and decided to grow that idea by opening up an online store. While being granted free or discounted product is certainly nice, if that is the driving force behind someone, they probably aren’t going to be very good at representing a brand. Here are some tips to being selected as a Brand Repper for your favorite Instagram Shops:

1) Quality and Quantity Count! It’s important to use a good quality camera when you are taking photos of your darling little one in their outfit. While using the camera on your phone is okay, make sure that the picture is of
good quality and isn’t blurry. Also make sure to not go crazy with filters. It’s important for customers to see the product in its original, unaltered state so they know what they’re buying.

2) Natural Lighting Is Your Best Friend! Artificial light can be really tricky for amateur photographers. It can leave images looking brassy and dull and can distract the viewer from the subject and product of the photograph. Natural light is so effortless and can lead to beautiful pictures. Be mindful of where the sun is when you are deciding on a location to take your photos. Good lighting = good pictures!

3) Post a Lot, Post Often - Think about yourself shopping online. If you’re going to buy a product, you want to see it from multiple angles. The same idea holds true when you are Brand Repping on Instagram. People want to see all parts of the product they are looking to buy. The more pictures you have, the more likely the product is going to sell. You also want to post pictures often! It is your job to help this business, so help them out by shooting lots of photos and sharing them on Instagram! While this sounds like it could be a lot of work, there are perks here too. You are going to have so many pictures of your child that you get to look back on. It’s possible to miss something if you aren’t looking for it or don’t already
have a camera in hand. Think of the great memories you are making!

4) Remember You’re Photographing an Item, Not Just Your Child The whole point of brand repping is to provide an image for the company to use to sell an item. Your child is adorable, perfect, and wonderful. That’s probably how they ended up on Instagram in the first place! The world wants to see them and how sweet they are, but remember that the
pictures you are taking will be used in a business to sell an item. If the item has a graphic on it, or words, be sure to get a good clear picture of it. Does the item have a neat feature? For example, two different types of ribbon on a tutu? Or two different kinds of tule? Be sure to show that off in the picture! What would yo u want to see when shopping on Instagram?

5) Work WITH Your Model, Not Against Them - If you’re Brand Repping for a child’s clothing company, like Ruffles and Tutus, you are, obviously, using your child and trusting that they will allow you to photograph them. Make sure they are happy, or it’s going to be a struggle for everyone involved! Some suggestions? Make sure they are fed, have a clean diaper, and have recently napped! Happy kids are happy to be photographed! You should also make it as fun (and natural) of an experience as possible. Add bubbles, try to catch your kiddo while they’re unaware that you arep hotographing them.

These suggestions make for a happy and fun photoshoot! While all of these tips are meant to help you, the best advice is to have fun! If you and your child are both in tears from frustration, it’s not going to benefit anyone. Don’t force the situation on your kiddo, and don’t stress yourself out over being a “master photographer.” At the end of

the day, you are spending time with your little and getting some great memories out of the experience. You might even get some great pictures too! ;)

Happy Brand Repping!

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